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Jaymee Vee, who writes under the pen name Finding Jaymee, is a 29-year-old author, coach and educator. After being raised in Southern Ohio, she has found her purpose and her home in Brooklyn, New York. Motivation for her written work comes from her long and continuous journey to heal and become the best version of myself, in her entirety. She unapologetically and candidly breaks the barriers of stereotypes about blackness, coming of age, and womanhood.
In her award-winning book, Coming of Age...Whatever That Means, she authentically shares her past experiences with coming of age, in order to facilitate growth through unspoken traumas. As teaching is her profession, she uses the acronym GPA to promote Growth, Positivity, & All the things (healing) for her audience, clients, and readers. The idea here is to show them that healing is obtainable. It's an action item that's subjective.